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History of Törmänhovi

From a municipal home to a multi-purpose building
Törmänhovi, originally called Lastumäki Farm, was built in 1916 as the municipal home of Oulainen municipality. Municipal homes were the forerunners of old people's homes, which were officially called orphanages until the 1920s. In addition to the elderly, mental health patients and other long-term care nurses were placed in municipal homes. The first part of the Lastumäki municipal home was the wooden, current Admiral's Wing. The plant suffered from overcrowding until in 1938 the building was expanded with a new so-called on the stone side.

In 1941, the municipal home was harnessed for military hospital use for about six months. In 1945, a 20-bed municipal hospital was established in connection with the municipal home. Five of the places were used by the maternity ward and the remaining 15 as actual sick days. The maternity ward was therefore necessary in the post-war years,
and in the record year of 1948, 295 new Oulu residents were born in Lastumäki.

The municipal hospital moved away from the Lastumäki farm in 1953, and from then on the municipal home received all the facilities for their original purpose. The building served as Lastumäki's nursing home until 1990,
when the nursing home moved to the center of Oulainen.

Ulla Alvari bought Lastumäki nursing home from the city of Oulainen in 1991. The building became Törmänhovi. The new owner is renovating the premises. A bakery and sauna were built in the basement, patient rooms were combined into a meeting room, washrooms were built for accommodation, etc. In total, the manor has 1,200 “warm” squares. Premises are also leased to operators in various fields, such as therapists and others.

The largest annual event in the Törmänhovi area is the National Events organized by the neighboring Wanha Woima ry.
Veteran Machine Days in early July.

Did you know
The Admiral's Wing of Törmänhovi is named after Admiral JC Thitz, who was active in Oulais at the end of the 19th century. The admiral lived in Räsy's house, about a kilometer from the present Törmänhovi.
Räsy's house was the center of a lively social life.

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