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"Talo tarkan, työ väkevän tarvihtoo."

(sananparsi Ilomantsista)

Kirsti Oulasmaa

“Törmänhovi was an important part of my childhood landscape. My parents used to work at the mansion

on the farm, and my brother has been here as a caretaker. There are many memories associated with this place. The inhabitants of the house, who were often seen walking along the village track, have been especially remembered.


Studying once took me elsewhere, but over the years I have always returned here during the Wetheran Machine Days. In 2019, my long-term dream came true, and I came to Törmänhovi

to become an entrepreneur. This house has a unique spirit and history, and I am proud to continue its story. ”


Riitta Siitonen

“I first came to Törmänhovi as a kitchen assistant in the early 1990s. Over the years, I have always helped here alongside other work. When my sister Kirsti became an entrepreneur in Törmänhovi and asked me to join, I was fully involved.


Now I work as a hostess in Törmänhovi's kitchen. We want to offer our guests and customers tasty food with as many local products as possible. When there is time left in the kitchen, I help with other work in the house, put in rooms and receive customers. ”

Elina Siitonen

“This place has been familiar to me through my mother for a long time. Now we both work here together with my Aunt Kirsti.


My job is to make sure that every guest has a clean room and a made-up bed. When our clients have parties, meetings or other occasions here, I help with arrangements and also act as a waitress. Among other works, I update Törmänhovi's affiliations on social media. ”


Tiina Lastumäki

“My roots are in the lands of Törmänhovi. My grandfather cultivated the Lastumäki farm here with his brother until they sold the farm to the city of Oulainen as an orphanage. I myself have a lot of memories of Törmänhovi. As a kid, I was here at parties and during school as a summer helper. I have been working as a baker here for a long time.


Törmänhovi is known for its bread, but much more is baked here. Cakes, pies, biscuits - also according to the customer's wishes. The best results are obtained when using a grate oven and good, clean raw materials. ”

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