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"Minkä syö ja nukkuu, sen saa isselhen."

(suomalainen sananparsi)



We offer fabulous accommodation in a peaceful and pretty rural location close to the center of Oulainen.  As a valued guest of Törmänhovi, you will stay within an old mansion, full of rich history and interesting tales. For decades the mansion provided protection and care for those in need within the  community. Now this tradition and warm welcome is extended to the our guests.  Our well equipped beautiful hotel also benefits from carefully integrated modern amenities. You will be able to journey into the past of this historic building by visiting our museum rooms that document the mansions interesting past.


Accommodation for many needs:

Overnight along the way - Rest comfortably and breathe for a moment! Törmänhovi is conveniently located on near the main road 86. The distance from Oulainen railway station is less than 3 kilometers. Arrival and departure times if necessary, we can agree according to your schedule.

Self-catering - Do you need accommodation for a business trip or a family visit? You can follow your own schedule and use our services flexibly. Opportunity also affordable for long-term stays. The accommodation package can then be tailored to your needs.

Parties, meetings and events - In Törmänhovi, a place to stay for a larger group, up to 50 to a person. We help you stay comfortably, take care of catering and, if necessary, help organizing an experiential side program. Contact us and we will tailor it together to suit your needs accommodation package.

Rooms and equipment:

Hotel rooms: Törmänhovi has 5 comfortable hotel rooms with a private toilet, shower and TV, as well as a small work desk. The rooms can accommodate 1 to 3 people, and an extra bed can be arranged if required.

Motel rooms: Most of our rooms are motel rooms for 1 to 3 people, with an extra bed if necessary. The section has its own toilet and television. Otherwise, the toilet and shower facilities can be found a few steps from the corridor

along the way.


We also have rooms for those staying with pets.

All our guests have access to a kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and water and

coffee maker. We also offer wifi connection. There are two saunas in connection with the accommodation, which heat up as agreed. You can pre-order breakfast in the fridge or enjoy it in our spacious dining room.

As an additional service, you can also order a small evening snack.

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