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"Ei oo läheskää nii näläkä, ko välillä syöpi."

(suomalainen sananlasku)

herkkuja kalajoelle

From our catering service, you can order catering for all kinds of events, both in Törmänhovi and outside. Whether it is a baptism and name feast, a celebration, birthdays, weddings, commemorations, meetings or trainings, we will serve according to your wishes. We prepare delicious food and pastries in our own kitchen and bakery.

Our bakery offers oven-fresh breads, which we also supply to shops and REKO distributions in the area. We also bake buns, cakes, cookies and pies - for festive meals or everyday pleasure, without additives. All our bakery products are made by hand and baked on a stone grate.

Leipomo Oulainen
The tradition continues

Baking bread in the countryside has always been part of the house work. In the present Törmänhovi house located in the municipal home was expanded in 1938, of course a bakery was also built on the premises.

The current bespoke bakery dates back to the early 1990s. Törmänhovi is known for its oat bread and cohort, which are still baked in the house's own bakery. The familiar aroma of bread tells the traditions


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